The Dallas-Fort Worth Metropolitan Area’s Leading Partial Hospitalization Program

Finding the right level of care for your needs is integral to achieving lasting healing from a mental health disorder. The partial hospitalization program (PHP) at Sierra at Southlake provides adults with the focused, comprehensive care they need to improve their overall quality of life. 

About Our Partial Hospitalization Program

The partial hospitalization program (PHP) at Sierra at Southlake provides mental health treatment on an outpatient basis, offering a unique combination of intensive therapy and compassionate support. 

Our PHP is ideal for adults age 18 and older of all genders who can benefit from a highly structured healing environment but do not need the round-the-clock monitoring of an inpatient or residential program.  

You can expect to take part in PHP services five hours a day, five days a week, with the ability to go home or to another supported residence when the treatment day ends. This intensive format often eases the transition to a lower level of care or back to your daily life. 

This is the highest level of outpatient care you can receive and is often the type of program you would step down to after completing a residential or inpatient program. However, many people start their healing process right at the PHP level. 

The length of time you spend in our PHP truly depends on you and can vary from a few weeks to a few months based on your progress, needs and goals. 

Care Experience

At Sierra at Southlake, we do not use a one-size-fits-all approach to delivering care for mental and behavioral health concerns. Every person follows an individualized treatment plan, which we tailor to fit their unique set of circumstances.  

Our expert clinicians assess each person’s medical history, presenting concerns and goals, working closely with every client to understand how to best approach their treatment.  

Group therapy is the main method of care we use in our partial hospitalization program. You will participate in multiple types of group sessions every day that may cover topics such as abandonment and attachment, setting goals for your future, building healthier coping skills and learning how to regulate your emotions. 

Your care may also include individual therapy, family therapy and medication management services depending on your specific needs and goals.  

We use various therapeutic methods to help each person change negative thought patterns or make crucial behavioral changes. These may include cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), dialectical behavior therapy (DBT), the Seeking Safety model and various trauma-focused interventions. 

A nurse will conduct a physical exam at intake, and you may receive basic medical care throughout your time in our PHP if needed. 


Our partial hospitalization program serves adults age 18 and older of all genders who are struggling with a mental health concern such as depression, an anxiety disorder, posttraumatic stress disorder or the effects of trauma. 

We make all admissions decisions at Sierra at Southlake after carefully assessing each person’s individual situation. Our admissions team is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to conduct an initial screening.  

This process is informal and involves a conversation about your medical history, the symptoms you have been struggling with and what you hope to accomplish by taking part in the partial hospitalization program at our center. 

If our admissions team member determines that Sierra at Southlake is the best fit for your needs, they will work with you to begin the admissions process. If they believe that another facility would be better suited to meet your needs, they will make a referral to a trusted, vetted source. 

With the support of the professionals at Sierra at Southlake, you can take important steps toward lasting healing. 

Marks of Quality Care
Our accreditations and affiliations demonstrate our dedication to providing quality care that meets or exceeds the established standards and best practices of our profession.
  • National Association of Addiction Treatment Providers (NAATP)
  • National Association of Psychiatric Health Systems (NAPHS)
  • Neurostar
  • The Joint Commission (JCAHO) Gold Seal of Approval